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Hi, My names Amelia, you seem to have forgotten about me. [Jun. 16th, 2005|11:02 am]
the loonies


[mood |crushedcrushed]

Kid-li-winks you are worse then my invisible friends. Who are all that are keeping me company at the moment? If anyone has a right to feel deserted it is me. Don’t see me complaining. Sighs. I know it is difficult to become an unfeeling automaton, but sometimes you just have to lump it and move on. I’m not good at this, I am better at writing about horrible things. But you guys have to learn to bend. I don’t bend well on the inside, but you saw me with ash, I bent completely over for him, while inside I was ready to skin him, and eat his spleen.

I am tired, and often lonely. I miss you all, but I don’t want to see you if all you are going to do is complain how hard done by you all are and then go and sulk. (Not including all of you in this and yes I know I sulk and complain too.) That’s really mean but the truth. I desperately want to catch up with you guys but how? Right now I am often prone to emotional attacks, but I put it down to being extremely worn out, so that’s the reason it would be difficult if you were all attacking each other, and you know I hate to cry.

So somebody, just remember that I exist too and that I do care that you are all suffering but right now I need some food. Yes I am hungry and about to eat my arm. This could be useful in later life. I think some cereal is in order with all my iron supplements and other helpful additives I have been told to force down my throat. I’m lucky I have Rob, otherwise I wouldn’t be getting out of bed.

[User Picture]From: esotericx
2005-06-16 03:32 am (UTC)
I miss you too. I figured you were too bust with your boy to see us, but one again jen has made a dick out of herself by assuming things.
I'm sorry AG, I worry about stell and hailey and megs but i always just figure you're doing well, cos you portray such a strong person.
Maybe this weekend we can try and stop everyone fighting. And I promise i wont bitch about life.
Lets drink and be merry!
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[User Picture]From: parahpax
2005-06-18 07:18 am (UTC)
darling AG, i miss you too. do you want to come to my place tonight? it's just going to be me, megan, ian and jen, but you're more than welcome.

and i'm sorry too. i did what jen did, and thought you were ok. i should know by now not to assume stuff, eh.

anyway, we would love to see you, if you can be fucked coming all the way down here :o)
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